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Let’s make perfect nights
for extraordinary days

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Facing some serious sleep deprivation?
Calm down mom…, almost we all go throuh the same thing

85% of parents experience baby sleep problems

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Nighttime awakenings



Suffocation risk with blankets



Skin irritation



These problems affects
their physical and mental
development and delays it

And have consequences in your own
sleep time and well-being producing
mind wear, exhaustion, and,
in extreme cases, depression.

Are you experiencing it?

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Baby Loli is here to help you!

Helping you during their sleep time is a constant desire for our brand. We co create, in association with our specialists and mothers, sleeping sacks and other solutions to give them safe sleep, less nighttime awakenings and to improve all the family’s sleep nights

How do we do it?


Investigating untiringly and listening to our clients with empathy

We pay attention to the details and seek for product design innovation to improve its quality and safety. We listen and dialogue untiringly with our specialists network: pediatricians, orthopedists, sleep coaches and, of course, a huge community of mothers that look for the best products to the take care and give better nights to you children.


Selecting the best peruvian fibers

We design sleeping sacks and complements with the best premium Peruvian Pima 100% cotton to give your baby and toddler a perfect temperature throughout the night. It’s natural fibers, softness, and hypoallergenic properties becomes it the ideal material for the delicate baby skin.

The best cotton in the world for our children.


One Baby Loli for each baby need

As we know babies and toddlers have different needs, we have developed a special Baby Loli for each, this way you can choose the one that fits him better so he can sleep with the right temperature throughout the night.

Winter, mid season and summer versions; bags or swaddles; with feet or without; with fold-over grippy foot covers or not; with thermal boots or not; ¡you choose! Let us know your necessity and we’ll give you a product solution.

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